An Airtight Seal

The Cork – an airtight seal

– a simple piece of tree bark shaped to form an airtight seal for a bottle of wineWine cork

Designed to keep the wine in and the air out.

Makes a very effective plug




CorkscrewCork removed from bottle

– A simple device makes removing a cork easy

Will extract a cork effectively in seconds

Making access to your favourite tipple simple



Chocolate mini eggs

– a small sugar coated chocolate sweetChocolate mini Egg

Ideally shaped to form an airtight seal in child’s airway

Becomes sticky in the mouth and dissolves very slowly

Which makes them very difficult to remove

Unfortunately, there’s no useful tool like a corkscrew to remove these and that airtight seal will be difficult to break

What should you do if they’re choking?

Choking Hazard

Always look for manufacturers danger warnings on the packs Warning text

Never leave your child unattended with small objects


Some other equally dangerous objects:

Carrot rounds, coins, toy parts, coin batteries*

Mini eggs and small objects can kill a child in minutes

Would you know how to help a choking child? What to do.

Learn Basic Lifesaving skills now it could be your child you save

*Batteries are even more dangerous, they can burn through internal tissues causing irreparable damage to airways and digestive tract

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