Don’t play hide and seek – time is precious


Saving a lifeAED defibrillator unit

Do you have an AED defibrillator on your business premises?

More importantly do you know what an AED defibrillator is for?

If you’ve got one, is it exclusively for the private use by your company and employees?

Would you considered making your AED defibrillator available to public access, and registering it with the ambulance service?

Do all your workers know where it’s located and how to use one?

They’re going to die

When your casualty is dying in front of your eyes, it’s not the time to be asking the manager, where to find it.

Time is critical, and is the difference between life and death.

For every minute that passes following the sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of survival reduce by 10%.

By acting quickly and starting Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) immediately, you’re starting to circulate the oxygen remaining in their blood to the brain.

Sadly, CPR alone is nowhere near as successful as TV soaps would have you believe.

The survival rate for using CPR and rescue breaths alone is around 5%.

Have your own AED defibrillator

By investing in your own device you’re not only looking after your employees, customers and visitors, you’re giving them a massively improved chance of surviving an Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

By early use of a AED defibrillator the chance of recovery is nearer 75 to 80%.

If you have an AED, do you have someone responsible for checking and maintaining the unit regularly?

This would normally be your certified First Aider or the “Appointed Person” who also looks after the First Aid Box.

Finally, make sure everyone in your company knows where your AED defibrillator is. Don’t keep it a hidden secret.

If you don’t have one, please think about installing one.

We can help you purchase one, or provide you with a rental unit from as little as 99p per day.

Book a course and we can help you buy one and train you to use it.

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