Forestry First Aid

Forestry first aid

Tree surgeon in treeWorking in the forestry industry is a dangerous occupation and requires a specific type of forestry first aid training.

Hazardous machinery will often result in serious injury, sometimes with life threatening consequences, when things go wrong.

By knowing what to do and having the confidence to act will make a difference.

What you will learn

How to call the emergency services and what information to give them.

We will provide specific instruction on the treatment of catastrophic bleeding, including the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings.

With the potential for life threatening blood loss you will learn the importance of early recognition and treatment of serious wounds.

What to do in the event of amputations, care of the casualty and preservation of the amputated part.

You will learn to recognise and treatment of hypovolaemic shock and how to provide resuscitation.

Working at height  is the other specific hazard for forestry workers.

Knowing what to do to for head and spinal injuries is essential for a satisfactory recovery.

You must  ensure the casualty is immobilised and any head and neck injury recognised and treated together with any other fractures.

Finally, you must ensure the casualty’s airway is open and they are responsive and breathing.

Please be aware this is a supplementary course to Level 3 First Aid at Work or Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

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