Get an AED defibrillator for your business

Why have a defibrillator?CPR given with AED attached

Giving employees basic life saving skills like CPR and using an defibrillator (AED) is important.

Most businesses will have a trained first aider.

But having fast access to an AED  is key to the best chance of survival.

Every minute that passes after cardiac arrest, when the heart stops its normal rhythm, that chance reduces by a tenth.

So knowing where your nearest AED is located is essential, but most business won’t have one within 5 minutes.Defib cabinet

This is why you, as a business or organisation, should consider installing one.


What are the benefits to your business?

Firstly, you’re looking after your employees, they will feel valued and you will be compliant to the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.

Your customers and visitors will also appreciate your concern for their health and well-being.

Making your investment available to the public, by registering your device with the local Ambulance Service, will enhance your company’s credit in the community.

How you can help?

By installing a defibrillator, you will save lives, the nearer a casualty is to an AED, the better their survival chances.

CPR First Aid Training have teamed with the Defib Store to provide AED rental at a cost of much less than a Cappuccino a day.