Our Why

Open first aid box“Our why”, this is the commitment to helping save lives and has evolved over many years of being a first aider and working in the professional healthcare industry.

Having witnessed the results of accidents and serious illness within the National Health Service, I believe it is essential we should all have a basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency.

Nobody wants to use first aid, but inevitably there will be an occasion when an accident or illness happens and having the knowledge and confidence to deal with the situation can be the difference between life and death.

Whether it can be patched up with a plaster, or needs the dramatic intervention of CPR and a defibrillator, you will hope that there’s someone around with the skills to give you immediate help, especially if the person affected is a close friend or relative.

Learning to be a qualified First Aider isn’t just good for your fellow workers, friends and relatives, it gives you significant kudos in the community and can provide the reason for a pay rise and it looks great on your C.V.

If you only wish to have a basic knowledge of first aid we can provide courses for you too, these provide you with evidence of having done the course, and are recognised by sporting and other organisations.

Our commitment to you also provides specialist courses relating to particular professions, such as dental healthcare professionals and people working in particularly hazardous occupations, tree surgeons and heavy industry.

Finally, if your business or organisation requires a first aid risk assessment, we can help with that if you sign up for our FREE offer.

Being trained by a Ofqual Regulated instructor provides you with an HSE recognised qualification and the confidence to help your fellow citizens. Click here to find out more