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No matter how conscientious and careful you are, there will always be the patient who experiences a bad reaction in the chair. Dental First Aid is required by all dental staff at a minimum, basic life saving skills (BLS)  qualification, with additional qualification when sedation is required, but it is desirable and good clinical practice for everyone.

This maybe simply a panic attack, or an existing medical condition but could be severe allergic reaction. Working as a team they will always be prepared to react accordingly, whether it’s something pharmaceutical or environmental, such as a latex sensitivity, .

Since you’re meticulous in your preparation, all the appropriate risk assessments are fulfilled, because there will always be occasions that catch you out. Therefore, ensuring you all have the first aid skills and confidence to react quickly and effectively, is vitally important.


Furthermore, if your practice offers Dental Sedation you must comply with the Intercollegiate Advisory Committee for Sedation in Dentistry (IACSD) standards for Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care 2015, in which Resuscitation Council UK, requires that all dental practitioners providing dental sedation and all team members must be able to provide dental first aid as “age appropriate immediate life support”.

Dental anaesthetics machineProviding conscious sedation, means you must be able to manage any event that might reasonably arise.  If you have the right experience and training in place, you will comply with your duty of care to your patient, ensuring they have a safe and stress-free experience.

Our dental first aid course is compliant with the Resuscitation Council UK, regulations and CPR First Aid Training is Ofqual regulated. The courses are in both adult and paediatric first aid, specifically designed for dental and healthcare professionals. They are compliant with these requirements.

Our Dental First Aid Course

Our Dental and Healthcare Professional training course, includes Basic Life Support Skills, the safe use if an Automated External Defibrillator, Immediate Anaphylaxis Management, Oxygen Therapy and Deployable Airway Management, including use of i-Gel supraglottic airways. Book here


I have over 30 years experience as a First Aider within the NHS, I am a qualified First Aid Trainer and Assessor supported by nuco logo