Sport First Aid

Sport Injury First Aid

Sport by it’s very nature has the potential for injury and will specifically need sport first aid, no matter whether professional or amateur.  Whether it’s a serious collision, resulting in head injuries and fractures or simply strains and sprains. How these injuries are treated in the first instance, can have significant consequences for recovery.

Different sports will have different requirements and we always try to tailor our courses accordingly.

Many Sports Coaches need an Ofqual regulated First Aid Qualification. Often the Basic Lifesaving Skills (BLS) will suffice. But where the need for a higher qualification the Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), has been course of choice. However, this doesn’t really go far enough, not including the important sport injuries like bone and soft tissue injuries, and how to help someone who has accidentally drowned.

United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) Category B First Aid

Many athletics coaches have found difficulty accessing an appropriate First Aid Course. Until now the Basic First Aid qualifications have fallen short by not specifically covering bone and soft tissue injuries and accidental drowning.  United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) have now approved this course which we provide, meeting their criteria.Athletics Race sports injuries

EFAW plus the “bolt on” Sport qualification, has a standard Ofqual certification, plus a course which will be certified by CPR First Aid Training and meets the Category B criteria. Specifically designed to cover these additional areas it will be a “bolt on” to the regulated EFAW and will extend the course by an hour.



Personal Training

Personal trainers working as individuals or as part of a gym also have a duty of care to their clients. This means they too will require some form of first aid course. Again our courses can be adapted to meet specific needs.dumbells sports injuries

All our courses are inclusive for groups by age and diversity and where possible are adapted for disability.

Injury and illness is indiscriminate. Having the confidence and knowledge to whether young or old, makes a difference.

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