Choosing a First Aid Trainer

Selecting a First Aid Trainer

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If you’re looking to successfully learn a skill like First Aid, having a good rapport with the First Aid instructor can make the critical difference.

Because First Aid is a practical skill, you learn by doing, therefore, having a comfortable relationship with the instructor is essential.

Our existing clients have supported this belief with their comments.

When you’re looking for First Aid Training, you should apply the same degree of due diligence you’d use for other important decisions’

Let’s face it making decisions around life and death, don’t get much bigger.

Although we’re allowed to teach up to 12 learners at a time, the optimum for most people is around six, so we aim to run small groups.

Therefore, this gives a greater degree of individual contact, unlike some of the National trainers.

Small groups allow flexibility, we can adapt to your specific requirements.

Questions you must ask before deciding on a First Aid instructor:

Does the First Aid Instructor have Ofqual registration?

Are their teaching and assessment qualifications current and relevant?

Will they be regularly monitored and follow quality assurance requirements?

Is their equipment in good condition?

Do they run their courses in appropriate and comfortable venues?

Have you actively made a First Aid workplace assessment before deciding on the course?


Because First Aid has to comply with Health and safety regulations it’s important your staff have the correct certification.

Are you worried you could be sued if someone gets First Aid wrong?

Does the First Aid at Work and the Emergency First Aid at Work syllabus they offer meet Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines

Do the certificates issued comply with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and have full details of the Awarding Authority?

For the full Health and Safety Executive document on Selecting a first-aid training provider so to

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