Sport First Aid

All sport, no matter whether professional or amateur, has the potential for sports injuries, and whether it’s a serious collision, resulting in head injuries and fractures or simply strains and sprains, Madejski Stadium Readinghow these injuries are treated in the first instance, can have significant consequences for recovery.

As Sports Coaches you are required to have a First Aid Qualification for sports injuries, as part of your professionalAthletics Race sports injuries body compliance. We can provide courses specifically designed for that purpose, so whether your sport is Football, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Golf, Athletics, Hockey or any other activity where first aid could be required we can help.

Personal trainers working as individuals or as part of a gym also have a duty of care to their clients and will require some form of first aid course. dumbells sports injuries

We can provide appropriate courses with consideration for the different age groups involved whether these be young people or those past retirement.

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